Food Pix

Indira's Tomato Basmati Pulao

Indira’s Tomato Basmati Pulao

Ashwini's Shrimp Fry

Ashwini’s Sungta Sukke

Chilli Crepes

Archana’s Chilli Crepes

 Ashwini's Cucumber Pancake

Ashwini’s Cucumber Pancake

Sudhav's Vegetable Biriyani

Sudhav’s Vegetable Biriyani

Arjuna's Onion Chutney

 Arjuna’s Onion Chutney




Shammi’s Chow-Chow Dal

Masoor Dal

Masoor Dal

Achari Aloo

Achari Aloo

Corn Tikki  

Corn Tikki











Ashwini’s Moong Dal Chila

Peach Butter Cake 

Peach Butter Cake

Baked Rasmalai

Baked Rasmalai

Mixed Dal

Mixed Dal

Matar Paneer Masala

Creamy Matar Paneer

Makai Methi Paratha

Makai Methi Paratha

Aam Ki Lassi

Aam Ki Lassi



145 responses to “Food Pix

  1. Wow, Priya you made my day again !!!! Looks so good, a job well done. I am all set to try out your Kanchipuram idli this weekend. Thank you

    Actually i have to thank you for sharing such a wonderful recipe 🙂

  2. jaya

    hai priya
    would love to try all the recipes shown here
    would like to ask u a favour
    could you please post some chettinadu vegetarian recipes….
    keep up the good work
    waiting to recieve the recipes
    thank you

    Thank you for your nice words about my blog.Iam glad you like it. 

    Frankly i have only tasted chettinad food  back home in India and few of my friends house ( all from proper chettinad). Havent tried cooking chettinad food yet. I’ll get recipes from my mom/friends and blog about the recipes soon.

  3. jaya

    thanks for replying priya
    hope u find the chettinad recipes soon. all the best for your good work.
    thank you once again

    Thank you so much Jaya !

  4. jaya

    hey priya
    i finally found a weblink were i was able to find some of the chettinad recipes
    hope it will be useful for u too
    do let me know, abt the outcomes of those recipes if u try any

    Hi Jaya !
    Thank you for the link. I tried  plantain pulikuzhambu today. Very tasty. Typical chettinad style 🙂 . I don’t have my camera with me , so couldnt take any pictures.  Will get my cam in a day or two, shall try some more recipes from the link you sent me and blog about it soon.

  5. jaya

    Hi priya
    ur welcome
    i m glad that u tried the recipe
    i tried thattpayir kolambu which came out well
    still i m searching for better chettinadu recipes though

    Iam yet to try other recipes Jaya. Iam waiting for my cam 😦 . Once i get my cam shall blog about other chettinad recipes that i got from my friends.

  6. jaya

    hey priya
    i tried out tomato basmati pulao
    it came out so well
    thanks for posting it priya
    waiting to try other recipes of urs
    will share the chettinadu recipes with u
    (if i get any)

  7. Shweta

    hi i want to join u r recipe FW all the recipe to me also because i love food & love to try new new recipes…

    Swetha if want recieve the recipes through email, subscribe to my blog. You’l keep getting updates as and when i post new recipes. Thank you for visiting my blog !

  8. jaya

    hey priya
    here is another chettinadu recipe
    hope u will like it

    Thank you so much Jaya, i tried few recipes from the previous link, just posted one of the recipes from that website. And Iam extremely sorry dont know how i missed ur previous comment.

  9. Fresh content! That’s the key. May your ink never dry.

    Thank you !

  10. I tried adding some of these to mine and it wasnt the greatest. I will try again!

  11. I simply wont cook one more meal until my kids visit. I have tried these nice things but in the time it takes me i would rather have some family over to enjoy it with now. I am getting older and the time it takes me to prepare I dont like eating by myself

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    P.s. не ради себя, беспричинно чтобы друга интересуюсь 😀

  122. А зачем вам свадьба предварительно новым годом?
    Хотите 31го исполнять чтоле?)

  123. А что, свадьба 31го декабря это прикольно. В недавний год, с новыми отношениями)

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